How to find a business idea in a small town?

Do you think that in a small town everything has already been invented and there are no prospects for a growing business? However, before you reach the wide waters and the capital city, try to appreciate your immediate surroundings. It may turn out that a town of less than 20,000 people offers quite comfortable conditions for running your own business. What can you do to make your business idea in a small town burn out and ensure a decent income?

Why set up a business in a small town?

Do you think that a low population also means fewer customers and therefore less income? You are partly right. However, take into account that in the city you have less competition and you can count on lower business costs. In addition, the smaller the city, the more likely it is that you will find yourself in a market niche. While grocery stores, hairdressers or fast-food pubs are everywhere to gather, a handicraft gallery, XXL clothing store or escape room can be the first and only such facility in your city. If you are creative, you can become a pioneer on the market, which will allow you to dictate prices and shape the offer according to your own “vision”.

What to take into account when implementing a business idea in a small town?

If your business in a small town is to succeed, you need to prepare a business plan based on the nature of the town and the needs of its inhabitants. If you live in a city that is attractive to tourists, known for its historical monuments or landscapes, maybe it is worth opening a hostel, a souvenir shop or a sports equipment rental?

A good idea for a business in a small town can also be connected with transport – as we know, in towns public transport usually leaves a lot to be desired. Permanent residents and visitors will certainly be grateful if you set up a transport company or a bicycle or car rental company.

Do you have the impression that nothing is happening in your city and that young people are sneaking around the streets without a goal? Then think about entertainment – you can set up a dance club, a gym, a games room, a small sports center, a bowling alley or an escape room.

Can an idea for a business in a small town burn out if the inhabitants do not earn too much? In this situation, it is worth thinking about a company that suits the pockets of the residents.

A great idea for business in a small town is trade or mobile services. There are many possibilities – selling bread and doughnuts straight from the car, food truck with hamburgers, cleaning carpets at the customer’s home, cutting dogs, beauty and hairdressing services.

Before choosing the type of business, check which services and products are most needed by the locals and what they cannot get at home. It’s also a good idea to keep track of what your competitors in the industry were doing – if they were “doing business quickly” and complaining about the clientele, you need to verify your plans for your own business.


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