The most beautiful route in Vietnam

25 km, 7 hours of hiking and views that drive into the armchair. Most of the people who come to the Ha Giang region, the route from Dong Van to Meo Vac passes by motorbike. We decided to take it beforehand. The road through the Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of the most beautiful sightseeing routes in the whole Indochina and another personally verified position on the list of interesting places in Vietnam….

Ma Pi Leng – interesting places in Vietnam

It was supposed to be the sun, but the forecasts once again seem to have ridiculously ridiculed ourselves of us. Although it might have been better, because it was supposed to be on the top as well….

Meanwhile, for an hour we have been climbing almost all the time admiring more and more spectacular panoramas. Before going on the route from Dong Van to Meo Vac we were wondering how much truth is in the admiration over the Ma Pi Leng Pass, and how much exaggeration. With every step we find out more and more that on the list of interesting places in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng will be very high …

The way from Dong Van to Meo Vac

The last villages disappeared behind us. Now only in the lower part we could see single buildings.

– I wonder how he lives in such a place – we wondered looking with admiration at the houses lying somewhere under our feet. – How do they get there, by plane? – We were looking for a path that adults could go shopping and children could go to school. Anyway, even as narrow as we wandered around Dong Van. Nothing. Only a tiny house. Only a tiny house and huge mountains around.

– It’s impossible, it’s an incredible how quickly a small bottle of green tea straight from the fridge restores strength. The shop is too much said. On one of the walls of the garage, some snacks and sweets were arranged carelessly, as well as 2 welded drinks. We sat down at the table, the owner relaxed us with his eyes and smiled, hearing our thanks in Vietnamese. A moment later a kettle with hot tea appeared on the table. And friends of the owner clearly interested in unusual guests without a motorbike.

Those middle Vietnamese

– Turn on the fire – he suggested one by pulling out a traditional Vietnamese pipe. Pipe, smoking is unhealthy and causes cancer … Sure, I’ll smoke. How would I forgive myself the opportunity to see how the Vietnamese water pipe works. The Vietnamese loaded a portion of tobacco and then put his mouth to one of the holes in a wooden mikvah and burned the tobacco. It got boggy and after a while smoke came out of the pipe.

– Now you – the pipe has come into my hands. I tried to repeat all the actions and….

– Jesus how strong it is – after one but solid pulling for a good dozen or so seconds the world has become very colorful and dancing. The eyes of three neighbors and Anka were looking at me with attention and waiting for a reaction.

– Super – I smiled although it required a lot of effort and raised my thumb up trying to stop tears coming into my eyes.

My reaction aroused general cheerfulness, and on the table we do not know where the “happy water” or Vietnamese corn bimberek appeared next to the tea.

If all Vietnamese are so average and nasty we won’t arrive before dusk .We thanked for our hospitality and waved goodbye. And going further, once again in the last few days we started to discuss negative opinions – see about Vietnam and its inhabitants. Our impressions of happiness have so far been exactly the opposite. So many times we met with sympathy and hospitality that it was difficult to remember everything. Maybe it’s midnight, or maybe it’s just highlanders everywhere .


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