Tips To Sell Well In An Interview

When you conduct an interview, whether structured or unstructured, you must be well prepared. A few tips can help you answer the questions and expectations of your potential employer. Discover some tips that have been given to me by employment marketwatch professionals recently.

1. Be ready and say goodbye to a lot of stress

The golden rule for being able to sell yourself is as follows: You have to know yourself well and be ready for EVERYTHING!

To do this, you need to know yourself, the company and the answers to the various interview questions. Take stock of your skills, qualities and defects and know where you have developed them.

2. Bring all your documents, it can make a difference!

Your CV is 2 pages long and you have too many projects for example? A sheet gathering your achievements can be useful to you! In addition, bringing your portfolio (designer, computer graphics or other), a copy of your Curriculum Vitae, references, etc. is useful and shows that you are prepared and organized.

3. Shaking hands is a science!

The handshake says a lot about you. It should not be too soft or too firm, elusive, broken, too energetic, etc. In short, give a firm handshake without crushing the interviewer’s fingers and only 1 or 2 “blows” are enough. We don’t want to rip anyone’s arm off after all! Remember, it’s at the beginning and end of the interview to each person!

4. Taking the initiative is positive!

May I sit here? Do you want me to tell you about one of my professional achievements as well? These are all questions that can be asked if the employer for example forgets to tell you where to sit or anything else. Be careful to put them down at the right time and be polite! This shows initiative.

5. Sitting well, a good way to hide stress

All I can tell you is to sit at the back of your chair, straight and with your hands under the table if you make a lot of gestures during the interview.

6. The interlocutor is not the only person present!

Several interlocutors are present? Remember to look at others when you answer the questions and look at the person who is talking to you when they are talking to you.

7. Can you repeat the question, please?

Do you have to think about the answer you’re going to give? Ask the other person to repeat the question! However, don’t do it too often and if it’s short, it doesn’t work!

8. Training is good, but what have you learned?

We don’t always know the content of the training and we don’t know which optional courses you have taken so say what is relevant for the position with your training!

So I have a solution and it’s good to write down what we need to do!

Knowing the company is one step closer to your next job!

What products do they sell? How many years has it been in existence? Visiting a company’s website or asking a question shows the interest you have in it and is flattering.

Knowing your value is selling!

What salary do you want? Knowing the salary range for the position you are applying for is important. Plus, it’s time to sell yourself even more. E.g. I am worth about *** because the salary in the region for this position is *** and thanks to these experiences, I am worth ****.



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