Urban Exploration

Urban exploration (often shortened to urbex or EU – urban exploration) – exploration of usually invisible or inaccessible parts of human civilization. Urban exploration is also often referred to as infiltration, but it is believed that infiltration is more related to the exploration of active or uninhabited sites.

City explorers try to get to the following places. Following the rule take only pictures, leave only footsteps which means that explorers should leave the place as it is.
You have to remember not to take things that you will find in the places you are exploring. Why? Well, sometimes there are cases where the area is private, so theft is unacceptable.

Trips to abandoned buildings are the most common example of urban exploration. The abandoned sites are first penetrated by the local population, who often carry out acts of vandalism and graffiti. Explorers must be aware of various threats, such as collapsing roofs and floors, broken glass, the presence of chemicals and other harmful substances, hostile residents of these buildings, and sometimes motion detectors. Some explorers in such places wear masks and absorbs that protect the respiratory tract.

Exploration targets vary from country to country. More popular are abandoned amusement parks, grain elevators, rocket silos, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and sanatoriums.

Most, if not all, wasteland explorers consider the decomposition of abandoned buildings to be their advantage and aesthetic value. Many of these explorers are photographers. Some abandoned sites are heavily protected by motion detectors and security services. Others are easily accessible and their exploration does not pose a major problem. Utilized wastelands are also popular with people interested in history, urban archaeologists, ghost hunters and graffiti art fans.

I love ghost hunters, as well as the stories of many interesting, forgotten (abandoned) cities. It is a very interesting activity for boring afternoons. I am a person who likes to feel the thrill of emotions, so for me exploration is even an ideal solution. You know, such a hobby. Have I visited any place?
And abandoned houses in the area count? When it comes to abandoned houses, I have been there more than once. Unfortunately, I don’t have a team, so I walk alone (possibly with my brother) from 14.00-18.00. Of course, this time was only valid during holidays and holidays.

As far as my further exploration plans are concerned, I’ll tell you that I’m going to organize the next trip after the exams. Unfortunately, now I have a lot of things on my mind, which make the “development” of my passion go wrong.
Of course, my trips are spontaneous, amateur. I do it because I like it. It makes me happy!

It is a “sport” that I like very much. I don’t like museums, I prefer to go for a little bit. All in all, sightseeing and penetrating (quietly, southeastern) such places in solitude is a bit boring, but personally I have at my brother’s disposal, who is equally eager to participate in urbex.

I will repeat that you should not steal and at the same time enter the property of the owner of this “abandoned” house (and other facilities) without his prior consent. Before I enter a given area, I make sure that the square is someone’s property.


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